We offer you a FREE WEBSITE to advertise your products and services


  • Gives your business a larger exposure
  • Allows you run an online recruitment/registration exercise  
  • Gives credence/trust to your business
  • Offers you a FREE TICKET to participate in our SMP BUSINESS REWARD. To WIN #1000 daily, #4000 weekly, #10000 monthly



Please choose from the following website packages,(click on the name or image ) the one that best suits your business.

This is suitable for individuals who want to market their expertise, Eg, Designers, Writers, Musicians, DJ’s, Photographers, Drivers, Bloggers etc.

Here you tell our visitors what you do and give them a reason to hire you

View a Sample Individual Profile Page here


This package is suitable for small scale businesses. Businesses that are yet to establish their brand.  It covers all forms of small scale business in all areas e.g. Agriculture, Trade, Arts and Designs  etc.

View a Sample Small Business Page here

This package is designed for large business groups. Businesses that have involved a lot of persons. All forms of large scale business in all areas are covered. These include schools, Farms, Churches etc.

Check out A Sample Mega Business Page Here

This is suitable for people who wants to advertise a one time programme like Wedding, Church programme etc.